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I am so happy!  We have only four and a half more days of school.  I can’t wait because it’s almost summer.  No school for a couple of months.  My brother is so lucky because he finishes school tomorrow and next year he will be a Senior.  He’s almost finished with school, but then he’s off to college.

This summer I will have to go to summer school for one month because I will be going to a new school.  It is only for three and a half hours and then I can do whatever I want.  Hopefully we won’t have too much homework.  I wish I didn’t have to go to school at all, but I know how important it is to graduate from high school.  My mom told me that I don’t have a choice because that is part of life.

I can’t wait until summer because I don’t have to worry about doing homework every night.  I can sleep later and not worry about staying up late every night to do homework.  My mom keeps telling me that all your life your constantly learning and studying.  Even when you graduate from high school, you will go to college, and then you have to work.  My mom told me that even when you get a job you will still have to take classes just like school.  So she tells me everyday do your best and study hard.

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