Can’t Wait Until Summer

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Can you believe we only have 15 more days of school and then its summer.  I am so happy!  I wish it were sooner, but at least its not one month.  Hopefully the last 15 days of school won’t be too hard.  I hope the teachers don’t give us a lot of homework.

I can’t wait until summer.  I will have about one week off then I have to go to summer school.  It’s not really summer school, but more a summer orientation.  However, it will only be for one month and only a couple of hours a day.  Then,  I have over one month off with no school.  I can’t wait for summer!

No school for one whole month.  I can go to sleep late and wake up late.  I can play my game whenever I want.  However, I think I have to limit my game playing before my mom gets really mad with me.  I don’t have to worry about homework and just relax.  I wish that summer would last forever!

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