Removing Invasive Algae

At the Edge of a Pond #9                     Rich Herrmann via Compfight

About two years ago, I helped with an Eagle project with my Boy Scout Troop to help remove invasive algae from Maunalua Bay in Kuli’ou’ou.  I learned that it is one of the biggest threats to Hawaii’s coral reefs.  Through this project I learned why we were removing all this invasive algae.  The reason we were removing it was because it is rapidly invading our coral reefs and destroying the habitat for many plant-eating species.

By removing several thousand pounds of invasive algae from the Maunalua Bay we were able to help preserve our island’s coral reefs and save the lives of many plant-eating species and small fishes.  We cleaned the ocean and made the water cleaner so people can swim here again.  We helped the environment by transporting the algae to a local farmer to use for compost.  Through this project we were able to make our beaches look nicer and help save the lives of many fishes.

It wasn’t easy removing all the invasive algae, but together as a group we removed a whole lot of algae.  By removing invasive algae,  by helping, and volunteering to do things for several hours a month everyone can make a difference in the world.   By doing a good turn daily I can make a difference in the world.

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