School is Almost Over

rise from the dark Zlatko Vickovic via Compfight

Hooray!  We have only six more weeks of school and then it’s summer.  I can’t wait until school is over.  I think that this school year has been the hardest in my life so far.  Every day of the school year including weekends and breaks, I had homework.  Every night I stay up late doing my homework, trying  to remember all the homework I have to do, and hoping that I did all my homework.

This school year has been tough.  We have so much homework every night and I pray every night that I did it all.  If I forget to do an assignment and don’t turn it in, I know that I will hear it from my mom when she checks my Gradelink.  She checks it every night and is constantly telling me and asking me if I finished all my homework.  Eventually she will find out because if I don’t turn in a assignment I have to fill in a late form which she needs to sign.

School is almost over and then I won’t have to hear “Do your homework!”  I can go to sleep late and wake up late.  I don’t have to worry about doing homework and what homework I forgot about.  There will be one less thing for me to worry about.  I can’t wait for summer, then I’ll be stress free!

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