Heaven is for Real

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“God and Jesus light up heaven.  It never gets dark.  It’s always bright.”  I chose this quote because I always wondered what heaven was like and I thought it was cool that it was always lighted.  The book I read was Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent.

It is a true story about the Burpo family:  Todd, Sonja, Cassie, and Colton.  Colton is almost four years old and Todd Burpo was a pastor at Wesleyan church.  They were going to Greeley, Colorado for a district board meeting and make it into a family trip. Seven months before this trip Mr. Burpo suffered injuries and illnesses which included a shattered leg, two surgeries, kidney stones, and a cancer scare.  Two days before their trip, Colton became really sick and the doctor said he had stomach flu.  Later, they take him to another hospital and they don’t know what it is, but they say it’s not appendicitis.  Colton’s dad sees the shadow of death in him and takes him to another hospital where they perform surgery because he has a ruptured appendix. Colton survives and doesn’t die, but he tells his dad he’s been to heaven.  He describes heaven and what it was like to his dad. Will anyone believe him because to go to heaven you must die.

This is a very sad, suspenseful, and touching true story. Did Colton really go to heaven?  Or was it all a dream?  Did he really see Jesus?  This true heart touching book will appeal to anyone that enjoys suspense, imagination, and real life situations.  It will change how people think of eternity-those that are doubtful will be provided with facts and those that are believers of God will have a lot to look forward to.

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  1. Hi Justin

    Do you think that Heaven is for real, or is it just a belief? I think it is because they could believing anywhere: on the planet, another dimension, or even in your backyard.


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