SBC 7:1 My Passion for Nature

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 Pistol Rapids  Bridal Veil Falls

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What I am most passionate about nature is the oceans, rivers, and  anything that involves water.  There are many beautiful beaches, waterfalls, oceans, and lakes throughout the world.  There are many activities that you can do at these places of nature.  Water is a necessity for life on Earth.  Without water the world would not exist.

One of the activities that I enjoy is fishing.  I love going  fishing with my grandpa, dad, and brother.  It is very peaceful and relaxing to hear all the waves crashing on the rocks while we are waiting for the fish to bite our lines.  It becomes exciting when a fish bites our lines.  We have caught many kinds of fish such as ulua, papio, moi, menpachi, sardine, and oama.  Without the ocean and beaches I would not be able to go fishing.

Another activity that I would enjoy doing is white water rafting.  I want to go white water rafting because it looks fun and adventurous.  I will probably go white water rafting when I am older.  My mom thinks it is dangerous and I don’t think she will let me go now.  Hopefully I will get to enjoy this experience once in my lifetime.



3 thoughts on “SBC 7:1 My Passion for Nature

  1. G’day Justin,
    Great post about your use of water in its natural state. White water rafting can be great fun but try it first in some shallow rivers where there is not so much danger.

    • Dear Miss W,

      I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I will make sure that the first time I try white water rafting it will be in shallow rivers.

      Thank you,

  2. I agree with you that water is necessary for life. Let us strive to preserve it for future generations . If you ever able to visit Serbia , try rafting on the rivers Drina and Ibar.

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